Friday, 24 June 2016

What should we track the most?

Any successful owner should rely on analytics to run an  Email Marketing campaign. by reading your email reports you can improve your email messages and put a great values into your campaign.  

Open rate is one of the most important thing any owner ought to observe. It tells how many subscribers opened the email and when they did it. To keep it high you should consider your Subject lines. It is the first thing your customer will see.

To make your subject lines strong enough try to follow these tips:

* Personalization: to get a high open rate it's a good idea to use a subscriber's first or last name in your message.

* Avoid repetition : do not repeat the same subject lines for each campaign.When writing different subject lines and then tracked the results  it will give you a clear idea which one is doing well for your campaign and let you skip bad ones.

* Let's your subject lines clear for your subscribers. You must give them a clear idea about your campaign content.Otherwise, they will simply ignore your message.  

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Tracking your emails

Sending emails to your subscribers is very important, but knowing everything happened in your emails after sending them is an essential part of your campaign. If a subscriber clicked through on a link in your email you need to know what happened next.

By using trackers like Google Analytics or HeatMaps you can observe which pages they visited , what they purchased , what links they clicked , whether they abandoned their shopping carts or not. Once we tracked all these stuff we can segment our list according to our subscribers' preferences. 

Knowing the most active members in your list help you make a list segment. So, if someone bought a product or download an E-book you can use this segment and create a new campaign that up-sells a new related product. Segmentation gives you an opportunity to make strong campaigns and build trust with your subscribers.     

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

An effective Call To Action

A CTA example

When we email our subscribers, we're usually searching for their reactions and their response. The forms of response may differ, it could be visiting your site, purchasing a product  or simply downloading an eBook.

Subscribers who want to respond look for your call to action place.

Your call to action is an essential part of your message, it's where you ask for a response from your subscribers. So, make sure to take most care of this part of your campaign.

Your Call to action should be catchy, short and simple.

"Buy now", " Learn more", " Get started" and " Sign up free" are good examples of call to action buttons. Make sure you are very clear about what you want your readers to do.   

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Giveaways as an incentive 

Running a giveaway is a fun and easy way to engage and grow your audience.

Gleam is an example of a giveaway platform. It's most appropriate for business owner who are keen on developing their email list and community engagement by running a giveaway promotion on their blog,site or any social platform.

Giving such prizes - you can think of any prizes you want - encourage more people to participate in your giveaway , join your email list, refer a person , like your Facebook page and so on .....

It's proved that running a giveaway can skyrocket your email list, social engagement and give another reason foe people to join your business. 

You can look in My Giveaway that I run in my blog to see this process in action.

Bear in mind that Gleam offers free account and paid one, as paid customer you can add some features in your giveaway which free customer can't .
Incentives to grow your list

As a human nature we like to be rewarded for our actions, especially when it's a reward we can use.
That's why incentives are doing awesome on marketing tools for any owner like to grow their email list.

We can think of it as a free gift, you are giving people a motivation to join your list or do any kind of job you want. Giving such incentives stand you out from the crowd.

The question is now What kind of incentives should I offer? The answer is so simple , it could be an eBook , discount , promo code or anything that relates to your business.