Saturday, 4 June 2016

Giveaways as an incentive 

Running a giveaway is a fun and easy way to engage and grow your audience.

Gleam is an example of a giveaway platform. It's most appropriate for business owner who are keen on developing their email list and community engagement by running a giveaway promotion on their blog,site or any social platform.

Giving such prizes - you can think of any prizes you want - encourage more people to participate in your giveaway , join your email list, refer a person , like your Facebook page and so on .....

It's proved that running a giveaway can skyrocket your email list, social engagement and give another reason foe people to join your business. 

You can look in My Giveaway that I run in my blog to see this process in action.

Bear in mind that Gleam offers free account and paid one, as paid customer you can add some features in your giveaway which free customer can't .

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