Friday, 24 June 2016

What should we track the most?

Any successful owner should rely on analytics to run an  Email Marketing campaign. by reading your email reports you can improve your email messages and put a great values into your campaign.  

Open rate is one of the most important thing any owner ought to observe. It tells how many subscribers opened the email and when they did it. To keep it high you should consider your Subject lines. It is the first thing your customer will see.

To make your subject lines strong enough try to follow these tips:

* Personalization: to get a high open rate it's a good idea to use a subscriber's first or last name in your message.

* Avoid repetition : do not repeat the same subject lines for each campaign.When writing different subject lines and then tracked the results  it will give you a clear idea which one is doing well for your campaign and let you skip bad ones.

* Let's your subject lines clear for your subscribers. You must give them a clear idea about your campaign content.Otherwise, they will simply ignore your message.