Sunday, 24 July 2016

Giveaway as a Marketing Strategy 

Running a giveaway is a fun way to skyrocket your business. let's shed light on some benefits of running a giveaway.

Increase your results: You can grow the number of people who join your email list or increasing your sales. Whatever leads you're looking for Giveaway is a super tool to achieve your goal. See my Giveaway :)

Save up your budget: Running a giveaway is one of the cheapest marketing strategies  you may find. You have to pay only for the prizes and for the advertising.

Branding: If you want to brand yourself as a marketer or brand your product, a giveaway is a right tool to do so. Giveaways increase members engagement around you and your services. Moreover, when you give people prizes, you actually show them your love and your appreciation.

Have fun: Running a giveaway on your site will bring some fun to your audience , thus they will engage and stay more time in your site.

Grow your social network: Need followers on Facebook or Twitter? Running a giveaway can skyrocket your social media followers .

.As you can see Giveaway plays a great role in developing any business fields 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Awesome Tool to Drive Conversion

Imagine these situations. You are reading a great blog post and want to share it with your  followers, Why not attaching a Call to Action button  to this page that leads to your own website , so that people can discover you while they read.

Or you are promoting an affiliate link seeking for referrals or for some sales, it's a good idea to add your own call to action to that link for another extra lead. If members weren't interested in the link you promoted, then  they would be more keen on discovering your catchy call to action.

This means that even when you're promoting or sharing  any link, you can still drive conversations through your own call to action.

Sniply is a powerful tool that allows you to add your own call to action onto any page or link you promote and share.

In my example I am promoting my splash page about joining my list, at the same time I added my own call to action on left corner to drive traffic to my Giveaway. 

Through your own call to action button you can let members join your list, download your app or anything you have in your mind. The potential is huge. So with Sniply you can benefit from any content you promote or share.

Monday, 11 July 2016

The magic of Gamification in growing your business

Owners always want members to spend more time and money on their sites. Gamification can be the core in your marketing strategy that can help you  achieve these goals.

People naturally like playing games as much as they like making money. As we can see from what has been released lately Pokemon Go game gives a strong evidence of this fact.To give members a strong reason to stay on your site much longer and even spend much money you can combine these two high demands into your site in a fun way.

Let's take an example, Make your members collect points, coins, and stickers in fun way to win such prizes. In this way, you will let your members become engaged and stay on your site without thinking. 

Members will feel thrill and satisfaction when you reward them for doing small tasks not only for  purchasing something.

Set some simple activities to reward them for joining your list or just sharing a blog post. We can dig deeper now and set up some rewards for different costs, the most expensive ones may be earned by stable members who made recurrent purchases. 

Virtual currency can be more helpful than real money. For instance, ClickTrackProfit offers badges, eCommerce sites give points. Badges and points are very important as they reflect members performances and success. Members love to see their names and pictures in a competition leaderboard and observe their progress.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Email Marketing is a must for any marketing strategy

Whether you use twitter,blog posts or any kind of marketing strategy emails must go along with them.

Email Marketing can enrich any marketing strategy you use. Imagine that you are writing blog posts about  Email Marketing tips, you could create automation follow up series about these tips,so that new comers to you list won't miss out your posts. Therefore, it's recommended to put a sign up form to your list into your blog.

Let's take social media as an another example, by adding a sign up form on your Facebook or Twitter page you can easily collect your followers emails. Let's say you own a Facebook page to sell a product and update your followers on some discounts you make, now suppose that some of your followers didn't check their newsfeed or your post got lost among all other posts, as a result, you will miss some potential leads.  

With Email Marketing it will be a different story, there will be great chances that your post will be delivered and then you will get some leads. Anyone who missed  your post on social media will get it into his email inbox.

Email Marketing and Social media work together to make your campaign even more stronger.