Sunday, 17 July 2016

Awesome Tool to Drive Conversion

Imagine these situations. You are reading a great blog post and want to share it with your  followers, Why not attaching a Call to Action button  to this page that leads to your own website , so that people can discover you while they read.

Or you are promoting an affiliate link seeking for referrals or for some sales, it's a good idea to add your own call to action to that link for another extra lead. If members weren't interested in the link you promoted, then  they would be more keen on discovering your catchy call to action.

This means that even when you're promoting or sharing  any link, you can still drive conversations through your own call to action.

Sniply is a powerful tool that allows you to add your own call to action onto any page or link you promote and share.

In my example I am promoting my splash page about joining my list, at the same time I added my own call to action on left corner to drive traffic to my Giveaway. 

Through your own call to action button you can let members join your list, download your app or anything you have in your mind. The potential is huge. So with Sniply you can benefit from any content you promote or share.

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