Sunday, 3 July 2016

Email Marketing is a must for any marketing strategy

Whether you use twitter,blog posts or any kind of marketing strategy emails must go along with them.

Email Marketing can enrich any marketing strategy you use. Imagine that you are writing blog posts about  Email Marketing tips, you could create automation follow up series about these tips,so that new comers to you list won't miss out your posts. Therefore, it's recommended to put a sign up form to your list into your blog.

Let's take social media as an another example, by adding a sign up form on your Facebook or Twitter page you can easily collect your followers emails. Let's say you own a Facebook page to sell a product and update your followers on some discounts you make, now suppose that some of your followers didn't check their newsfeed or your post got lost among all other posts, as a result, you will miss some potential leads.  

With Email Marketing it will be a different story, there will be great chances that your post will be delivered and then you will get some leads. Anyone who missed  your post on social media will get it into his email inbox.

Email Marketing and Social media work together to make your campaign even more stronger.

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