Sunday, 24 July 2016

Giveaway as a Marketing Strategy 

Running a giveaway is a fun way to skyrocket your business. let's shed light on some benefits of running a giveaway.

Increase your results: You can grow the number of people who join your email list or increasing your sales. Whatever leads you're looking for Giveaway is a super tool to achieve your goal. See my Giveaway :)

Save up your budget: Running a giveaway is one of the cheapest marketing strategies  you may find. You have to pay only for the prizes and for the advertising.

Branding: If you want to brand yourself as a marketer or brand your product, a giveaway is a right tool to do so. Giveaways increase members engagement around you and your services. Moreover, when you give people prizes, you actually show them your love and your appreciation.

Have fun: Running a giveaway on your site will bring some fun to your audience , thus they will engage and stay more time in your site.

Grow your social network: Need followers on Facebook or Twitter? Running a giveaway can skyrocket your social media followers .

.As you can see Giveaway plays a great role in developing any business fields 


  1. Yes, giveaways are a good method to attract attention for a website, product, or service. However, its also a good idea to keep the giveaway relevant, and in "theme" with the product being advertised. For example: Do not give away bitcoins or dogecoins if your product is not related to virtual coins in any way, etc. Only then will you get a really engaged audience.

    - Alfred

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