Sunday, 2 October 2016

How to increase your email list by using Content Upgrade

Let's face it, if you want to grow your own business, you won't see any success without using email marketing.

There're many strategies you can use to grow your list. Personally, I keep incentivizing people to join my list like giving away free virtual currency. Until one day I came across a new method that could skyrocket my list even better than just giving free stuff. It's really a secret  weapon for anyone who eagers to flood his list with new subscribers. It's Content Upgrade

What is Content Upgrade?

It's a bonus piece of information that's relevant to a special blog post. It's created to get a reader's email address. It could be a Tutorial Video, PDFs, Checklist or some useful tools, the possibilities are endless .

Why is it so effective?

Let's imagine this scenario, Someone is reading a post in your blog about " 5 tips to drive free traffic to your site". Now if this person is interested in your post and your post  is relevant to him he will definitely keep reading until he comes across to another link you already put inside the post itself titled with " 10 more tips to drive traffic to your site" or " Tutorial video to teach you how to drive traffic to your site", he might be interested more in watching a bonus video teach him how to drive traffic to your site  than just reading. now as your post caught your reader's attention he will be more likely to click that link.

When he clicked that link a new window will appear asks him to subscribe to your list in order to send him the bonus information, and because your post is relevant to him he will be more likely to opt-in your list.

Exclusive bonus: Step by step how to create a Content Upgrade and Skyrocket your list


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